Most Respected – Desiree Espy


Kileigh Barcomb, Staff Writer

On November 12th, Desiree Espy was awarded the senior superlative of “most respected” after her classmates submitted her as their choice because of her work ethic and kindness to others through her past four years at AHS. Desiree is a well-rounded and extremely involved student at Armuchee. When asked about her favorite thing about Armuchee, she said “My favorite thing about Armuchee is that everyone is so supportive of each other, whether it’s in sports or academics.” Desiree is involved in many extracurriculars and is a very hard-working student. She is a part of the Competition cheer team and the soccer team, and she runs track.

Some of Desiree’s athletic accomplishments over the past four years include: being a 2x State runner-up and Area Champion, and a 2022 GHSA Competition Cheer State Champion, she is also a 2x State Champion in the 4×800, State runner-up in soccer, and has many more State qualifications. Through her athletic accomplishments, Desiree has earned respect from her classmates. However, her athletic accomplishments are not the only attributes that make her respectable. Desiree is always striving to be kind to her classmates, teammates, and anyone else in her life. Desiree is described by teammates as “someone who is always willing to work and encourage others.” She has gained the respect of others around her by doing just that, and always staying positive. 

Desiree currently has an internship at Advanced Rehab, where she helps with outpatient physical therapy. Once she graduates, she plans to continue in the field of physical therapy and go to a four-year college; where she will study sports medicine. While she is excited to pursue a future career, Desiree has made many memories at AHS. Desiree said one of her favorite memories was “the moment they called our names State Champions, and everyone’s reactions to them announcing us as first.” Throughout her four years, Desiree has accumulated three state titles and hopes to win four by the end of this upcoming track season.

With all of her respectable accomplishments, Desiree has had multiple role models. However, she said, “My big brothers are my biggest role models.” Desiree has two older brothers, who both competed in and played multiple sports throughout their high school careers. Desiree said, “My brothers taught me a lot of life lessons, and they helped me become determined and hard-working.” Desiree has had many role models impact her growing up, and she has also become a role model for her younger teammates. Maggie Dillard said, “She’s someone that is always encouraging, and when we would be struggling at the end of a hard practice she would motivate and push us.” Another teammate, Peyton Falk said, “Desiree was a great role model to have as an underclassman. She knew a lot, and was always helpful anytime I had a question or concern.” Many people speak very highly of Desiree. Desiree’s humbleness and eagerness to do her best make her well-respected by many teammates, classmates, teachers, and coaches.