In Full Swing – AHS Golf Kick-Off


Olivia Fields, Staff Writer

The AHS golf teams had their first practice of the season on February 22nd at Stonebridge Golf Course. Compared to last year, there has been major growth in the boys team. Going from just 3 to 5 players. Jackson Pledger, a sophomore who joined the team last year, said, “It is great to have more boys now because we officially qualify in our region.”

This is Coach Barwick’s second year with the team, since taking over for Coach Burkhalter in the 2021-22 season. Barwick has been extremely dedicated to fostering the growth of his golfers, and that ideology continues into the new season. He said, “We are focusing on improvement. We only practice two days a week, but if you can be out here every day you need to be.” The first practice was mainly about outlining their goals. He said, “I know for sure that the girls can go to state this year, and the boys too. [The girls] only have to beat two teams.” Coach Barwick has also set up a fundraiser where you can sponsor your favorite golfer by buying a hole of golf. “He’s been really great about getting stuff about our team into the community and fundraising for the boys and girl’s teams,” said Rylan Weaver, a junior who began playing her sophomore year.

The first golf match was played on March 14th at Stonebridge, against Model and Pepperell, with Model winning overall. Spectators are welcome and completely encouraged. Weaver said, “I have high hopes for us, seeing as our girls team is so big. But, the point is to go out, have fun, and play golf.”