Tribe Tribune

2019-2020 Staff

Kaylin Coffman


Kaylin Coffman, senior, is a fourth year journalism student at Armuchee High School. She decided to sign up for the journalism class as a freshman because she wanted to improve her writing. Coffman has remained in journalism beca...

Makenna Raiford

Staff Writer

Makenna Raiford is in 12th grade. She is a staff writer of Tribe Tribune. She has 2 brothers, and they are older than her. Makenna's favorite color is Armuchee blue. She said, "Journalism is just an interest of mine. You get to kn...

Addie Young

Staff Writer

Addie Young is in ninth grade and is a staff writer for the Tribe Tribune. She has an interest in journalism because it reminds her of yearbook. She likes writing articles and interviewing people, so she decided journalism was...

Shelby Green

staff writer

Freshman,Shelby Green is a first year journalism student. Shelby’s favorite part of journalism is interviewing  people because it is fun. Her favorite subject in school is journalism because it is a really relaxed class, a...

Fiza Nadeem

Staff Writer

Fiza Nadeem is a freshman staff writer for the Tribe Tribune. Literature is her favorite subject because she has a special interest in writing and journalism.  She is excited for journalism and feels it is the best fit for he...

Andrew Stallings

Staff Writer

Andrew Stallings is a freshman just starting his journalism career. He joined the journalism team after hearing of other students who took the class and enjoyed it. The types of material that he looks forward to writing would...

Olivia Fields

Staff Writer

Olivia Fields is a freshman staff writer for the Tribe Tribute at Armuchee High School. Last year Olivia was an editor for the yearbook staff at Armuchee Middle School, which is the reason she joined journalism. She is most excited...

Kathryn Beavers

Staff Writer

Kathryn Beavers is a sophomore at AHS. This is her second year in journalism. She really enjoyed it last year, and it helped her with grammar and writing skills. She also joined journalism again because it is easier for her to...

Tyashia Farmer

Staff Writer

Tyashia Farmer is a freshman staff writer for the Tribe Tribune. Though it was not her choice to join, she ended up enjoying the class more than she thought she would. In her words, “I thought it would be more of typing on ...

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