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2017-2018 Staff

Ethan Peace

Staff Writer

Ethan Peace, sophomore at Armuchee High School, is in journalism because he enjoys watching the news. Ethan isn’t involved in much else besides journalism. His goal this year is to become class president. He wants to make Ho...

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Bryce Abshire

Staff Writer

Bryce Abshire, freshman, at Armuchee high school is so excited to be a journalist. He loves to interveiw students and take part in the newspaper. He picked this class because he wants to try somthing new. He took part in journalism...

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Chloe Cook

Staff Writer

Chloe Cook, sophomore, is an experienced journalist, a part of the journalism crew for her second year. Along with enjoying taking photos, Cook wanted to be a part of a group during her high school years. That is what encouraged...

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Mitchell Worsham

Staff Writer

Mitchell Worsham, freshman, enjoys interviewing people. Mitchell was encouraged to join journalism because he is a very outgoing, and talkative person. He wants to become a basketball player because he enjoys the sport. Mitchell's...

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Journie Simpson

Staff Writer

Journie Simpson, freshman, joined Armuchee High School as of this year. She joined the journalism staff as of this year also. Simpson is a new journalist. She joined journalism because it is a good opportunity to get to know many...

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Brianne Carver

Staff Writer

Brianne Carver Sophomore,is on the journalism staff. Carver has been attending to Armuchee High School for about one and a half years. She is a new journalist this year, and she was interested in journalism because she loves to...

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Whitney Sanford

Staff Writer

Armuchee sophomore, Whitney Sanford, has been attending Armuchee High School for two years. This is the first year Sanford has been on the Tribe Tribune staff. She is extremely excited about being able to work on the newspaper...

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Morgan Rogers

Staff Writer

Armuchee Sophomore, Morgan Rogers is a part of the Armuchee High School Journalism Staff. This is her first year in the Tribe Tribune, she is excited to be a part of the Tribe Tribune this year. She said “ I think this class...

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Alexis Hardy

Extra-Extra Editor

Alexis Hardy, sophomore, was on the journalism staff in the 2016-2017 school year at AHS and has rejoined this year. Hardy said, “I joined because I thought it would be a good way for me to help my writing and get to know people.”...

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Emma Hyde

Sports Editor

Armuchee sophomore Emma Hyde, is part of the journalism staff again for the 2017-2018 school year.  Hyde was interested in journalism because she enjoys writing and taking pictures. Hyde’s favorite thing about being a student ...

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Maddie Strawn

Sports Editor

Maddie Strawn is a sophomore at Armuchee High School; Is in  her second year at  journalism.  Strawn is in journalism because she enjoys writing and taking pictures of the events that go on at Armuchee High School. Strawn is...

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Kaylin Coffman

School News Editor

Kaylin Coffman, Sophomore, is a second year journalism student at Armuchee High School. She is in journalism to help with her writing. Coffman also enjoys taking pictures and doing layout. Coffman was also interested in the newspaper,...

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Sarah Barnes

Features Editor

Sarah Barnes, sophomore journalist at Armuchee high. This is Barnes’ second year being a part of the staff. In her return, she said, “I like the way it is not always about work but also getting to know the other students.”...

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Allison Jackson

Assistant Editor

            Allison Jackson, Sophomore, is an experienced journalist since Freshman year. Jackson enjoys interviewing and taking pictures. Jackson said, “I am interested because I enjoy writing and being a part of a gr...

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