AHS: Community of Support

AHS: Community of Support

Julian Chase Alvarez, Staff Writer

Navigating the flow of high school can be very difficult. Thankfully we have friends, teachers, and counselors to help students get through it. With the newly added 7th graders at AHS, we are making adjustments. Caleb Carson, a 7th grader at Armuchee, said, “Being with all the older kids I thought they would be intimidating and was nervous about seeing them. They aren’t intimidating.  Teachers push their students to do better, be better, and do everything with 100%. The teachers are also very kind and inspiring to their students and truly care for them.”

The teachers here at Armuchee High School are truly the heart and soul of our school. Students agree that they are kind and loving. Not only are our teachers kind, but our students are also too. Ethan Campbell, 7th grader, said, “I moved here because I heard that the people of Armuchee are kinder.” Even in our town, people talk about how kind and welcoming Armuchee is. No one should ever feel left out when they are at Armuchee. Matthew Campbell, who has been attending Armuchee his whole life and is well-known throughout the community, said, “Armuchee is the most welcoming school I know of; it is a place of safety for our students and faculty.” 

Not only are the students proud of Armuchee, but the faculty and staff are also proud of the school. Mrs. Doughetry, a coach and art teacher at Armuchee for 7 years, said, “Since we are a smaller school, everyone here is like a family. We all respect and love each other, and it is just a feeling of home.” Mrs. Dougherty pours a lot of her time and energy into her school and cheerleaders. 

Underclassmen have no worries when starting Armuchee. There’s a kind face at every corner. Mrs Hammond, a new counselor at Armuchee has been teaching for 8 years. She said, “The high expectations are what set us apart from other schools; our students understand and welcome all these challenges.” Mrs. Hammond is very kind and always has a smile on her face. She understands that not all new students are social. She said, “You have to be willing to put yourself out there and take a safe risk, and go out of your comfort zone a little bit.” She knows that it is hard making friends and that students are anxious. With social media, students can be self-conscious. She said, “They shouldn’t be self-conscious because they are all wonderful young men and women. We have to learn how to control our emotions and we are all very capable of it.” Mrs. Hammond has nothing but faith and trust in AHS students. She truly is an inspiration to the school and community. She said, “I believe in each and every one of Armcuhee’s students.”