Thanksgiving: Family, Food, Fun


Connor Painter, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a celebration where you give thanks for everything in your life. At Armuchee High School, a poll was made: Turkey or Ham. The results were not even close with the 125 students asked, 85 preferred ham over turkey with only 40 preferring turkey over ham.

Ethan Wilder, sophmore, said, “My favorite food is honey-glazed ham with a side of mac and cheese and mashed potatoes.” Grayson Perry, a sophomore, said, “It’s gotta be the butter, not the bread, just butter.” Though that response kind of stunned me, I can agree, butter is amazing, just not by itself. Ryland Steen, a Sophomore, said, “ Super Cheesy Mac and Cheese, the Oven Baked kind.” Tristan Young chose green beans and cornbread. 

Traditions include spending time with family or taking the yearly family photo. William Fletcher, a sophomore, said, “My whole family gets together and spends time outdoors as well as playing games like cornhole.” Noah Wright, sophomore, said, “When I was younger, every year my little brother and I would get a cardboard replica of a house or supercar that you could get in and just imagine that you were actually in it.” Grayson Perry, sophomore, said,“ I plan on spending time with my grandparents and family up in Flintstone Georgia”. Noah Wright said, “Play Basketball as well as watch it. I’m probably going to play games on my Xbox and spend time with my family.”

Many other students have said that they always eat with their whole family. Thanksgiving at Armuchee is giving the students one full week off so they can spend time with family and give thanks for everything or any opportunity they have had the past year.