Fall Break Adventures 2021

Harrison Hulsey, Staff Writer

Fall break for Armuchee High School was the week of Oct 11-15.  Fall break has always been a week long and this year it was a little different because we also got the following Monday off for a teacher planning day.

Students had a variety of plans for the week. Sophomore, Ivey Whitaker, said she went to St. Augustine, Florida for 5 days with her family. Ivey said, “My favorite thing to do while I am on the beach is to swim in the ocean.” After a long day at the beach she likes to dress up and go eat good food at local restaurants in St. Augustine. She also said, “We go somewhere for fall break every year because it is around the time of my brother’s birthday.” She had a great time with her family and she got really sunburnt while she was in Florida.

Some students arrived back at school with a noticeable suntan.Sophomore, Mylz Mcwhorter went to Panama City Beach over the break with his mom, dad, brother, sister, and brother in-law. They stayed for seven days. Mylz favorite thing to do at the beach was to play spikeball and kanjam on the beach. Mylz says, “Kanjam was fun and all until I knocked over a little girl’s sandcastle and she started to ball her eyes out. I felt terrible.” After a long day at the beach Mylz liked going to his favorite restaurant Captain Andersons. He ordered fried pickles as an appetizer and snow crab legs. During the evenings, Mylz said, “I like going to the beach at night with my brother-in-law and fishing for sharks. We listen to music and have a good ol’ time.” He said the trip was fun and he got to eat good food and spend time with the people he loves.