Valedictorian-Gracy Padgett

Valedictorian-Gracy Padgett

Mandy Salmon, Staff Writer

Valedictorian, Gracy Padgett, has worked hard through her high school career to be granted this well-honored position. She has contributed to several different clubs and organizations over time here at Armuchee High school. Padgett said, “ I’ve taken 9 or 10 AP classes. I’m in the Future Business Leaders of America Association (FBLA), Key Club, and National Honors Society (NHS). I hold a leadership position over speech and debate, I’m president of that and a treasurer over Key club. I’m also doing an internship this year.”

Padgett has had multiple difficult classes throughout her high school career but, Padgett said, “ I believe that AP Lang and AP Literature with Mrs. Mowery were my most difficult classes because I’m a math person and there isn’t a formula to English, but they bettered me as a person and improved my writing.” Even though she said she has “struggled through” Mrs. Mowery’s classes, she also said, “Mrs. Mowery has helped me pass my AP test and in Key Club, she pushes me to do leadership positions and to volunteer. She’s always supported me with scholarship recommendations.”

Mrs. Mowery said she feels very honored to be a help to Gracy’s title. Mrs. Mowery said, “When she was a sophomore in Advanced Grammar Composition, she gave a speech at a local organization contest. It took a lot of confidence for her to give that speech while overcoming challenges and still walking through life with a smile.” Valedictorian required various traits. Mrs. Mowery said “she is a hard worker and she questions a lot”. Which is a good thing, “so I would say she’s very inquisitive”.

Another role model is Coach Elliot. Padgett has run track for 2 years and one year of cross country. Padgett said, “A lot of my memories come from sports that I do, especially with track, I love coach Elliot. He helped me so much as a runner and he’s the best.”

Soon after high school Padgett plans to attend Mercer University and major in civil engineering. As a student, there has to be a balance between social life and school life. She said, “It takes a lot of organization and patience to figure out. Being open and honest with friends is also very important. Let them know when you just need to study and do homework instead of going out with them”.

With this being such a high accomplishment, many other underclassmen striving to achieve this position, Padgett said, “Try your hardest on all the assignments you have; always treat everything like it is going to be 100% of your grade because, at the end of the day, it is. You can look back and say that you’ve tried your absolute hardest and have no regrets about not giving in more effort.” Gracy Padgett is very grateful for this position and is excited about what is in her future.