Our 2023 Mr & Miss Armuchee: Logan Hunton and Ivey Whitaker

Our 2023 Mr & Miss Armuchee: Logan Hunton and Ivey Whitaker

Destiny Castro, Journalism Editor and Intern

The Mr & Miss Armuchee pageant took place on March 25, where students of the Armuchee Community came together to compete and help support the AHS Cheer team as they held the pageant. The contestants of the pageant have to go through the evening wear, group dance, casual wear, and onstage question which they are scored on. 

This year’s reigning Miss Armuchee is junior, Ivey Whitaker. Ivey watched the pageant while growing up and was excited about finally being able to be a part of it with her friends. She said, growing up, I’d watched so many girls do it and always been so excited for the opportunity to do it with my friends one day. Buying a dress, getting ready, and dancing with all my best friends made it so exciting!” The girls were so excited to be able to compete with all their friends beside them and make lifelong memories. She said, “My favorite part of the pageant was seeing my best friend, Olivia Dorsey, receive the award of Miss Congeniality, being voted on by her peers. Olivia’s genuine kindness inspires me daily, for she exhibits the love and care that AHS represents daily.” The pageant isn’t just a competition for the title of Mr/Miss Armuchee, it’s also an opportunity for everyone’s personalities to be shown while being dressed up. Ivey did the pageant with not many expectations of winning and was surprised when she was announced the winner. She said, “I was more shocked than anything, but also felt so much support from my class. and seeing the support from those on stage with me made me feel so loved, and I am so appreciative for AHS!”

Alongside our reigning Miss Armuchee is junior, Logan Hunton. This year’s AHS pageant was Logan’s first pageant experience. Like most of the contestants, Logan did it to have some fun with his classmates and to have an opportunity of winning and represent our school. Logan said, “I feel proud to represent our school and community. For many, the hardest part of the pageant would have been the stage fright but for Logan, it was the dancing involved. He said, “Learning the dance that required pretty much every minute of each practice to learn. That and trying not to get too stressed out by the thought of not winning and trying to just have fun.” Advice Logan gives to those who might be interested in competing in the following years is “don’t take it super seriously the entire time. Answer the questions honestly and seriously, but just have fun up on stage.” 

Congratulations to our 2023 Mr and Miss Armuchee, Logan Hunton, and Ivey Whitaker!