Praise Editorial: Mr. Bourg


Brianne Carver, Staff Writer

Mr. Bourg is a mathematics teacher at Armuchee High School. He has been teaching for three years; this is his second year at Armuchee, as he taught one year at Unity Christian School. He started his teaching career later in life, taking classes at Berry College. Mr. Bourg takes pride in his work and carefully plans every activity to make sure he can reach every student, no matter their view on math. He tries to make them fun, yet understandable. Bourg spends hours a night thinking about what to do with his lessons and trying to think of ways to get through to each individual student. He will often give this approach to a class, and if his approach does not work, he will change it from class to class. Bourg is extremely diligent in his work inside and outside the classroom.

He makes an impact in his students’ lives, and his co-workers. Ashlee Adams, freshman, said, “He has taught me many life lessons I can use later on through math.” Adams has Bourg for algebra 1. She typically does not care for math, but she likes Mr. Bourg’s class for many reasons, including the fact that he makes things easy to comprehend. Coach Dulaney works alongside Mr. Bourg in some of his classes, and said he has also affected his life in a positive way. Dulaney stated, “I learn stuff from Mr. Bourg everyday that I can use with other students. His energy is infectious. He motivates me to be a better teacher. Mr. Bourg  is a phenomenal teacher that is able to reach any student, no matter how good at math they are.” Bourg does not stop at anything less than success and will always strive to help his students. He has all of the