Praise Editorial: Coach Jordan Burkett


Morgan Rogers, Staff Writer

Jordan Burkett is an alumni from Armuchee and is a senior at the Shorter University she cheered and played basketball all four years of high school and went on and cheered for 3 more years at Shorter, winning a national championship. She also works at American Eagle in the mall, as well as helps coach the Armuchee High School competition cheerleading team. Burkett has helped Coach Stamey coach the competition cheer team for 4 years.

I took tumbling from Burkett for a year before high school, so she could help me get the skills I needed for high school. She is now my coach.  “A coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime.” This quote was written by Billy Graham. It is very true because Burkett has impacted my life in just a short amount of time and not just in cheerleading but in multiple other ways. I look up to Burkett for many things, Burkett has taught me that no task is to big to handle if I just believe in myself. She manages working, going to school, and coaching all together. She always works hard at what she does, she will be at our practice and will be doing homework or working on an assignment for school. Burkett always has a positive attitude even when she has a lot on her plate.

Burkett has inspired me to work hard at everything I do and to push others to their best ability. She has taught me to always do my school work even if we get out of practice late, and she has taught me to just be the best I can be.