Movie Review-“Venom”

Bill, Staff Writer

The new 2018 Venom movie is full of lore and backstory. This movie is more focused on the story of Eddie Brock and the symbiote for which he is a match, Venom. Branching off of the main story line of the spider-man venom timeline, this story takes place in California rather than New York. Eddie Brock is a younger male living life as a journalist which corresponds to the original timeline. He goes to interview another person and attacks them with questions about a recent space discovery and the death of thousands to achieve this. In short,  Eddie is fired and kicked out of his apartment, but he is still a journalist at heart. Following the “Mission” to uncover the secrets of the corporation for which he was fired for attacking,  he becomes and always is a good hero rather than the enemy of Spiderman that most people all view him of being.

Now most people believe that Venom not being in New York ruins the story and have many questions such as where are Venom’s webs. Why is Venom good instead of bad. First off, Venom’s webs only came from an adaptation it received from bonding with Peter Parker that allowed Venom to use is own body to make webs. That is also why he doesn’t trigger the spider-sense and couldn’t after an extended period of time for which it could regenerate and wasn’t able to use them due to the fact that in this time-line he never did bond with Parker and therefore isn’t his enemy and can’t use webs. Also, Venom is a good character and only ever had problems with the iconic main protagonist of Spiderman. Last but not least, a majority of people wonder where riot, the main antagonist of Venom,  came from. All in all Venom is a great movie and is a ten out of ten would watch again.