School Start Later

Alexis Hardy, Staff Writer

For a long time, a controversial topic we have heard about is how schools should start earlier. Several schools in the western part of the state have pushed back the start time. Schools should start later, but no later than 9am.

Due to  lack of sleep, students are more stressed and more likely to flunk or get into traffic accidents. Sleep deprivation impacts include weight gain, eating disorders, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes; anxiety; substance abuse; mood swings; behavior problems; suicidal ideation; and potential impacts on brain development. (

Schools that have started later have decreased negative effects. Also, students do not rely on their parents to get them up. Students attendance has been higher, test scores and grades have improved. Also, students mental issues have lowered significantly.

Statistics show that teens should get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep. At the ages of 13-18 sleep becomes a very important factor in their lives since their brains are still developing and growing. “Getting enough sleep is important for students’ health, safety, and academic performance,” Anne Wheaton, the lead author and epidemiologist in the CDC’s Division of Population Health, said in the statement. Student athletes who said they slept less than eight hours per night were significantly more likely to suffer a sports injury. When students have a lack of sleep, their attitudes are poor. They have more stress and this can cause problems in academic ability.

Not all schools have an early arrival time.   Schools that do have early arrival times do benefit; they may get out of school earlier. Students who are involved with extracurricular activities don’t miss school due to leaving early. They have more time during daylight hours. A big factor in starting school later is the money. If schools start earlier they save money in transportation. Teachers have more time to get their school-related activities finished and still have time for their family and alone time. These are all things to consider when your school might want to start school earlier or later. Although most of the time starting school later benefits the students academically, emotionally, and physically.