Praise Editorial: Coach Kelli Stamey


Kaylin Coffman, School News Editor

Competition Cheerleading Coach Kelli Stamey carries herself with grace and confidence. Coach Stamey is the Coach of two state champion teams and has led her team to victory at many regular season competitions. Stamey is humble throughout her wins and always shows kindness to other people and coaches. Stamey is the librarian at Armuchee Middle and High School, and she makes sure to give the same amount of effort to both schools. Stamey is a sister, a wife, a mother, and a coach to many girls who look to her as a mom. Coach Stamey is also an aunt to me.

Coach Stamey is always encouraging at practices and wants her team to be better everyday. She will do whatever it takes to see her team do their best and reach their full potential. This year she did just that by leading her girls to a win every competition. This year they came home with the first Region Champions title in the history of the competition cheerleading program. Stamey also dedicates herself to being at the team’s practices everyday.

I think Coach Stamey is encouraging by the ways that she words things. When she gives criticism to the team, she always makes sure to follow it up with something encouraging. Stamey shows love toward her team that she is coaching and she wants nothing more than to see her team succeed. She shows this by being firm when the team is struggling and being humble when the team is on top. I believe that Stamey shows patience and understanding toward every girl on the team and strives to be a role model to all of us.

Stamey has helped me with being humble and how to put other people before myself. Stamey has taught me how to show love to people on my team and to others. Stamey shows all these characteristics throughout her daily life and she reassures all of us on the team of our potential.