The Season of Success: Girls AHS Soccer

Freshman, Ella Kate House plays defense against opposing team.

Cailyn Poole, Staff Writer

The girls soccer team kicked off the 2023 season with a win against Rockmart High School on January 27, 2023. They have continued their season with 5 more wins against Chattooga, Darlington, Dalton Academy, and Coosa. Practices have been held after school every day from the start of the season, including pre-season conditioning. Freshman, Sarah Beth Perry said, “We have been practicing every day and some weekends in order to get in shape for this season. We have also been practicing positioning to help our overall performance.” Soccer has continued their season with 2 wins and they continue to work hard every day.

Along with the preparation for this season comes support from your teammates, especially a member’s first year playing. Ella Kate House, Freshman, and first-year soccer player said, “My teammates support me very well. I feel as if I really fit in considering it is my first year playing soccer. Malone has always encouraged me and every time I get down on myself or upset, She’s always there to help me out.”

Soccer is more than just a sport to some players, it is an environment where you can have fun and rely on other players. Junior, Kalise Morman said, “It offers a great learning environment for me and all of my teammates because of how supportive everyone is and how we all love playing soccer with each other. It’s a really fun experience and a fun group of people to hang out with every day.” Many players see soccer as an exciting experience and a fun community to be a part of. Sophomore, Brinley Claire said, “Yes I’m very excited for the season. I love my team and I look forward to hopefully winning many games with them. My favorite part is definitely being surrounded by positive girls and having a good coach.” Freshman Tori Vitello said, “I like playing soccer because of how positive everybody is. It’s so fun and I love spending time with my teammates after school and playing the sport I love with them.”

Coach Watterson is one of the physical science teachers and has been the girls head soccer coach for 2 years. As a coach, he teaches players soccer skills such as kicking, dribbling, and shooting. He also teaches life skills like responsibility and communication. He said, “It’s never too late to try something new, and if it’s interesting to you, if you have played before, or if you haven’t played before it’s worth it to try it! It’s a good thing to work in a group for a common goal. Soccer is life!” Watterson has looked forward to this season with this group of girls.

The main goal of the Armuchee community is to be greater together than as individuals. WE>ME is a saying that AHS uses to generate the idea we, as a community, are a family. Our mission statement is to create a legacy, a legacy for underclassmen. Junior, Destiny Castro said, “The advice I would give to lower-class men is to not worry about whether they are good or not. It is about the experience of making new friends and being a part of a larger community. Without even knowing it, you will get better and have lots of fun!”