5 Selected for All-Area Volleyball Team

Cailyn Poole, Staff Writer


Volleyball has been a leading fall sport for Armuchee High School, going to the state playoffs for the last four years. One of the biggest accomplishments in GHSA volleyball is making the All-Area team. The All-Area team is determined by coaches and the statistics of players. This year, from Armuchee High School, the All-Area team consisted of Bailey Tomlin, Kyleigh Powell, Mallory Hulsey, Cailyn Poole, and Aubrie Cordle. The team is a selection of players who have been selected by region coaches. Student athletes add this award to college resumes to show their success through their volleyball careers.

For many student-athletes, the support of their teammates impacts the performance of the player. Senior Bailey Tomlin said, “The support of my teammates is something I will always cherish because their support meant the world to me. I couldn’t do anything without them so I thank them for everything that they supported me through.” 

Head coach, Clint Decker, and Assistant Coach, Jeremy Dunagan play a big role in an athlete’s confidence and performance. The coaches work all season on drills and games to teach new skills and fundamentals. Sophomore, Mallory Hulsey said, “Without my coaches, I would not have received this award. They help everyone improve their skills on and off the court by teaching me new life lessons like responsibility and leadership.” Hulsey sees her coaches as mentors and leaders as well as teachers. Tomlin worked throughout the season to improve communication on the court, as well as accountability to teammates.

A coach’s impact can be more than just coaching and teaching a sport. Tomlin said, “Coach Decker and Coach Dunagan are the main reasons why I made the All-Area team. I wouldn’t be near as good a player if it weren’t for them. They coached me well every day and they also coached me as a person off the court.” The coaches have influenced players in various aspects of their lives. Hulsey said, “Coach Decker has affected me in many ways. He has influenced me in ways I cannot simply express. He has helped me grow into a better teammate and a better player overall. He has shown me what is important in life and has shown me the greatest victories of life there are.”

 The coaches at AHS guide their teams in the right direction for success. The achievements of players reflect the Coach’s status, Armuchee High School volleyball coach Clint Decker said, “I think one of the things that having all area players is that people want to be part of something successful.  Having so many players receive that attention brings good attention to our volleyball program, which creates excitement and buy-in. I think it affects everything.”

The coaching staff of Armuchee High School has made a tremendous impact on their players and has shown exceptional effort for the athletes to succeed. The 2022 season was a clear reflection of their abilities to coach, with five starting varsity players making the All-Area team. Along with that one of Armuchee High School’s top athletes was voted All-Area player of the year. Mallory Hulsey received the honorable mention of player of the year. She said, “This award of getting the player of the year and the all-area team was a huge accomplishment but wouldn’t haven’t been possible without my amazing teammates and coaches.” In volleyball, many parts have to come together to make a team. Hulsey said, “Our team was well put together with which resulted in being noticed in our area. After receiving this award it gives me confidence. Also, I realize how thankful I am for what I have.” 

The All-Area award was given to the players with the best statistics and most voted by the coaches. Senior Kyleigh Powell said, “Sports can be symbolic of life. Life requires teamwork, discipline, respect, compassion, and character. Mental toughness is so important in volleyball because it is mostly a mental game. It’s you against your thoughts. Growing up in volleyball I would always let my performance alter my mood.” Valuable life lessons can be taught by winning such a high honor award. Senior Aubrie Cordle said, “The determination and motivation you have from playing will carry over into your everyday life.”  Go Tribe Volleyball! #back2backbattleofthecountieschamps, #nosetsdropped, #regionchamps,