Cross Country Boys Back-to-Back State Champions

Destiny Castro, Journalism Editor and Intern

On November 4th, 2022, the Armuchee Boys XC team competed in the annual state race at Carrollton High School, achieving a state victory for the second year in a row. They have given a large amount of effort throughout their whole season for this moment. With the time of 17:08, both Trace Harris came in 5th and Ben Owens came in 6th. The boys team came in first again against 30 teams with 61 points, improving their score and going against more teams than last year. Matthew Campbell, a runner for the Armuchee boys, said, “It felt good to win state again, almost better than the first time. We all thought we would maybe get third or fourth, but we ended up fighting it out and giving it everything we had for the win, even though no one thought we could, except our mothers.”

Every practice and race gets you ready for region, the race that decides whether you go to state, and state. Trace Harris, a runner for Armuchee, said, “I prepared for my races by making sure I’m good, I eat right, and I drill it in my head that I did everything right before the race, no excuses, but I also make sure my teammates are prepared to give it there all.” There is a lot of preparation and organization put into their race plans so they can get the best results which are their main focus. Sam Lindley, a runner for the team, said, “I’m really just thinking my race plan through and getting it done.” 

In every race, there is always a challenge a runner has to face. Senior runner, Trace Harris said, “the hardest challenge was probably mentally preparing and also mentally preparing my team.” As they are running, our runners have to focus on their speed and endurance while they try to stay with their teammates. Senior runner, Matthew Campbell said, “I knew that I was going to have to make a difference for the team. I also knew that if I didn’t stay with my teammates, Sam and Landon, and if we did not stick together, we had no shot of winning it, knowing that all eyes are on you and everything depends on when you can perform is a mental challenge.”

Throughout the season, the runners have learned valuable lessons they used at state to bring home the win. Ben Owens, a sophomore runner, said, “I learned that we can’t win without everyone putting in the work not just one person can win a team event.” At every practice, the team trains as a group instead of running individually to prepare and motivate one another through hard work. Landon England, a senior runner, said, “My favorite part about being part of the team is the driving force it has become. We all push each other to do better; to be better. Even this year, when no one else thought we could win, we pushed each other to do what it took to win.” These boys have pulled through with the dedication and persistence needed to once again be Champions. Congratulations to our Cross Country Boys Back-to-Back State Champions!