Tate Burnam Awarded Senior Superlative Most Talented


On November the 12th, at Armuchee high school, it was announced that Tate Burnam received the superlative of most talented by his peers. Tate Burnam is a senior at Armuchee high school known for his involvement in a variety of activities, such as marching and concert band, track and field, and academic decathlon. Burnam said,  “My favorite thing about Armuchee is you can find your people here. There is a group for everybody.” The AHS experience is almost at its end for Burnam but it left him with a lasting experience of joy. “ There are lots of joys here. I always find something to be happy about,” Burnam said. 

Burnam’s achievements go beyond just extracurricular activities. He is also involved in many honors and AP classes, and it is there that he hopes to develop his knowledge. He loves literature and linguistics, and he studies both. Burnam said, “Mrs Floyd inspires me the most: She was my first English teacher in high school and inspired me to adore literature.”  Burnam further developed his love of literature in AP Literature. Burnam said, “ AP Lit put me in an environment where my writing was held to a higher standard.” This class helped to build his talent as a writer and prepared him for future writing. 

Students in the hall often say high school is daunting to new underclassmen, so Burnam supplied a little wisdom for the future generations. Burnam said, “Make sure to manage your time. don’t procrastinate, please.” Burnam warns future generations not to make the same mistake he made in his early years of high school. He also offers some advice for those looking to cultivate their own talents:  “Put in the hours you’ll never get better if you don’t work at it. Don’t sit and dream. Do something.” He put heavy emphasis on the need to work hard towards achieving a goal. Burnam uses his experiences to help younger students. 

After high school, Burnam plans to attend the University of West Georgia to get a four-year degree in the field of cultural and linguistic anthropology. Burnam said, “One thing I look forward to after high school is exposing myself to different cultures.” He wishes to develop his knowledge of people and of language as he moves into college. Burnam plans to continue to develop his musical talents “ I want to involve myself in music as much as I can for the rest of my life.” Burnam hopes to continue developing his talents through the rest of his college career.