Landon England Named Friendliest Senior Superlative


BriAnna Hibberts, Staff Writer

On November 11, 2022 Landon England, a senior at Armuchee High School, was voted by his peers from the class of 2023 for the senior superlative of friendliest. He is highly involved at AHS through Key Club, NHS, FBLA, Student Leadership, and he runs Cross Country and Track. England looks forward to running cross country in the future. He is currently committed to run at Campbellsville University in Kentucky for their upcoming season. He moved here from Florida in 2019, but his favorite memory at AHS is finding out that he was sports eligible his senior year. Armuchee has taught him many skills and lessons. England said that his reason for being so friendly is because, “I don’t want to be the reason someone has a bad day.” Teachers and administrators at AHS play a huge role in his life. When asked who England’s favorite teacher was, he said, “Coach V, even though he is no longer at Armuchee. He would always let me study in his class. He helped me understand biology when I was struggling, even though he wasn’t my teacher, and he never shied away from turning situations into life lessons, and sharing them with me.” His favorite faculty member is Mr. Pethel. He said, “If there was a faculty/staff superlative, he would be most friendly, so I can just take notes from him.” His friendliness definitely doesn’t just stop at AHS though. He and his friends love to hang out at Sweet Frog. It has become their place that they go to after or before events. He also enjoys hanging out at PVN youth group on Sunday nights with all of his favorite people. Along with that, his absolute favorite people to hang out with are the Armuchee High School cross country team. He always keeps a positive outlook on the problems they might face ahead and knows just how to pick people up when they are down. England said that Armuchee means, “Greatness. Inspiration. Loving, teaching, and learning. We>Me.” He describes Armuchee as a community. England said, “I became the person I am today through Armuchee and the people here.” His favorite class he has taken here is Mrs. Floyd’s American Lit class because it is the most specific feedback that he has received in regards to how to make his work better. England said that his advice to underclassmen is to, “Do your work… Speaking from experience.” He also wants you to know to always do the extra credit if it is given to you, especially on tests in Mrs.Ratledges class. He slowly figured out that the most challenging part of school was definitely the homework, but he said that, “If you do your homework every night, it will help tremendously. Not just with your grades, but also with your general understanding of the topics.” Friendliness just comes naturally to him and we should all strive for that level of kindness.