Zeena Bixby 2023 Wittiest Senior Superlative


Cailyn Poole, Staff Writer

Zeena Bixby was selected for the class of 2023 “wittiest” senior superlative. Bixby is involved in many AHS extracurricular activities such as chorus, key club, FCCLA, NHS, and the internship program. As a student who grew up in the Armuchee school system, Bixby said, “These people have been my best friends for years. Armuchee is home.” To Bixby Armuchee High School is more than a school; it is an experience that is unforgettable and a safe community. Bixby described her experience at AHS as, “a roller coaster, a lot of ups and downs.” 

Bixby’s role models influence her humor and her reasons for making people smile. Bixby said her role models include, “close friends. They make my humor full of really dumb jokes, but the kindness of the staff and teachers, and how they genuinely care about students.” Not only do close friends and teachers affect Bixby’s wit but she also said, “Random people I see on TikTok of Zane from David Dobrick’s vlogs, I get a lot of my humor from that group in general.” To Bixby humor is not just making people laugh it is about brightening someone’s day and being the reason her friends smile. Bixby said, “I like to see other people smile, especially when I am the reason they are.” Two of Bixby’s most admirable teachers are Dr.B and Mrs. Ratledge. Bixby said, “My favorite class was 10th-grade world history. It genuinely brightened my mood when I got to sit in Mrs. Ratledge’s classroom. Academically, Anatomy with Dr.B has made the greatest impact because it helped me realize the career path I wanted to take.” 

The impacts of Bixby’s wit and jokes heavily rely on the reactions of her friends. Bixby said, “My humor changes frequently because it adapts to the vibes I get from others. If my friends don’t laugh at my jokes, I immediately start laughing at my jokes. Laughing at your jokes makes other people laugh even if it isn’t funny.” 

As Bixby impacts others she also has an impact on younger students. Sophomore, Makayla Lockhart, from AHS said, “I haven’t known Zeena very long but I picked up on her wittiness very early on. She’s just one of those people who knows how to brighten your bad days.” Bixby has many humorous impacts on the people around her but if she had to choose another classmate to give it to, she said, “I would give the wittiest senior superlative to Josh Hash”  After spending her academic experience at Armuchee, Bixby has plans after high school to attend a good college. She said, “I want to go to college, get a doctorate, and become a physical therapist.” Bixby, as a senior, had a lot of advice to give to underclassmen. She said, “Don’t feel too pressured to be the best. It is okay to make a bad grade and DO NOT put your email on the PSAT! Make sure you are keeping up with the workload and time management.”