Success is Effort: Senior Superlative “Most Likely to Succeed” Awarded to Aidan Mowery


Benjamin Cranford, Staff Writer

Due to his hard work and dedication throughout high school, Aidan Mowery was awarded the superlative “Most Likely to Succeed” on November 12th. Mr. Pethel announced the senior superlatives over the intercom during 3rd period. Among those awarded was Matthew Cambell for “Most Involved”, Erene Castro for “Most Talented”, Desiree Espy for “Most Respected”, and Brady Bryntson for “Most Original”. Aidan, like the others, was voted by the senior class for standing out in their superlative.

During his high school career, Aidan has been a part of many clubs and extracurricular activities including Key Club, Tennis, Literary Team, National Honor Society, and Academic Decathlon. These clubs helped him connect with his peers and express himself more. Aidan said, “I really like Key Club because I think it’s a nice combination of spending time with your friends and all that and actually getting things done.” These events and clubs helped him build what Armuchee meant to him. Aidan said, “What makes Armuchee different to me than what I’ve seen in other schools is that it’s almost the perfect size” With a smaller school, you have the chance to know your classmates and make friends with them. The teachers have the opportunity to get to know you and what you are involved in as well. This fellowship is fostered by the clubs that he is in.

Each person has their definition of success. Aidan said, “Success is how fulfilling was the effort you put in for what came out. If you think the effort is worth what you got out of it, then you succeeded.” This definition has shaped how Aidan views everything. He thinks this is the reason why he was voted “Most Likely to be Successful”. Aidan said, “I think people are aware of the work that I put in. I know that sounds kind of egotistical, but genuinely, it is a skill to know what you have to do to get what you want out of it.” This work ethic helped him get through senior year.

Aidan believes the most challenging thing about high school is the balance. His work ethic helped him juggle studying for tests, doing homework, handling a job, and staying mentally stable all at the same time. This work ethic is the one thing Aidan would want underclassmen to understand. Aidan said, “If you decide, ‘Okay. I don’t have time to read this book because I have these other things to do, so I’m just going to SparkNote it and see what happens,’ not only are you cheating on the assignment, you’re telling yourself that if it works out for you, it tells your brain, ‘Okay, that worked. I’m going to do it again and again and again,’ and it catalyzes that process.” What students do as underclassmen can affect their performance throughout their highschool career. Aidan also said, “Even by starting on some of the mundane things, by putting in that effort, it builds that thought that this is going to turn out that much better for you than people who put in the minimum amount.”