Jack Rogers Named Wittiest Senior Superlative


Mallory Marie Hulsey


Jack Rogers, a senior at Armuchee High School, was recently chosen by his 2023 classmates as wittiest of his class. Rogers plays on Armuchee’s baseball and golf team. Last year he helped his team enter the state playoffs for the first time in 13 years. Out of the many inspirations in Rogers life, he is most inspired by his baseball coach, Coach Dougherty.  Rogers said, “Coach D. has changed my outlook on life and pushes me to go harder each and every day.’’ Rogers’ favorite thing about Armuchee Baseball are the coaches. Rogers said, “Shout out to Coach D, Coach Cook, and Coach Williams.” They continue to inspire him each and every day with the knowledge and support they have given him. Jack said that without these great coaches, he wouldn’t be the person he is today. After graduation, Rogers plans to continue his sports career and hopes to play college baseball or golf.  He also wishes to explore the world from a different point of view outside his hometown. While doing so, he looks forward to meeting new people with similar interests as himself. 

Armuchee means so much to Rogers, saying “Attending AHS, the staff and students have pushed me to work harder in life, and I have made many friendships that I will always cherish.” While at AHS, he has enjoyed learning more about economics and government and believes it will benefit him the most in the future because it taught him how the real world works. Rogers hopes to study economics or political science in college, and he later aspires to trade stocks on Wall Street. If Rogers had to give advice to an underclassmen, he would say, “Go hard all the time, stay out of relationships, and have fun. You won’t regret it at all.’’ 

When talking to fellow senior classmate and one of Rogers’ closest friends, Axle Millsap, he said, “I was at my lowest point, and Jack Rogers pulled me through with his positivity and humor by constantly making me laugh.” Rogers’ witty traits are primarily influenced by his dad, who Jack says surrounds him with great jokes, and then he later puts his own spin on it. Rogers’ humor has continued to give his closest friends and family many laughs over the past 17 years, and he hopes to continue doing so in years to come. Rogers believes that his primary reason for making other people laugh is because he always has the right jokes at just the right time. If Jack Rogers had to give a superlative to another classmate in the class of 2023, he said, “I would give a superlative to my friend Axle Millsap. Man, he’s hilarious and I love him.”