Most Original Senior Superlative: Brady Brynteson


Makayla Lockhart, Staff Writer

On November 11, 2022, Armuchee High School announced its senior superlatives. Senior, Brady Brynteson was chosen as “most original.” Surprised by the results, Brynteson said, “I honestly had no idea I was going to get a superlative. I don’t know why people picked me. I guess they just see me and all the stuff I do and they think I’m pretty original.” Brynteson credits a lot of his personality to his friends, one, in particular, being Alex Mathis, who has been close friends with Brady since kindergarten. Brynteson said, “The person that had the greatest influence on my personality is definitely Alex. We’ve been friends for so long that we share the same humor. We have done so many stupid things together that it’s just a part of me now.”

In terms of the special characteristics Brynteson has that make him original, he said, “A lot of things make me original. A lot of people know me for doing somewhat silly things, like jumping off tables, saying random stuff, and doing very odd things. There are more things to me than that, though I have many skills and hobbies that also make me very original. My skills and hobbies consist of: singing, beatboxing, hiking, biking, skating, gaming, reading, parkour, knife flipping and throwing, free running, normal running, bowling, puzzles, voice impressions and accents, and being a pyro.” While he participates in various activities outside of school, Brynteson is also involved in several in-school events, senior Brady Brynteson said, “I run track. This will be my second year. While I’m not in drama, I do help and I’m involved with some of their activities. This year, I filled in for an actor who got sick and we went to state for one act. I also have been in chorus for all 4 years of high school.”

While being in chorus, Brynteson formed a special relationship with his teacher, Mr. Bates. He sees Bates as one of the people who inspires him the most. A lot of Brynteson’s originality comes from the encouragement and life skills that Mr. Bates taught him during his high school journey. Brynteson said, “Bates has been such an inspiration to me throughout high school. He taught me never to be afraid to try something new and if I do, give it my all. He taught me not to care what others think of my skills and to always be myself. Mr.Bates is an extraordinary teacher. I don’t just consider Mr.Bates a teacher anymore; I see him as a friend.” Brynteson’s connection with Bates continues to prove itself even more, Brynteson said “My favorite thing about Armuchee High School is Mr. Bates, as well as my friends. ”

In terms of his plans after graduation, Brynteson plans to attend Georgia Highlands College and then transfer to another school after two years, and plans on getting his master’s degree in psychology to eventually become a therapist. His inspiration for wanting to become a therapist stems from his desire to care for others, he said “I would love to be able to help others with their mental disorders and disabilities.” As he thought about his plans after graduation, Brynteson reflected on the joys and challenges that came along with his high school journey at AHS.

As he contemplated the difficult part of high school Brynteson said, “The hardest part of high school has been mental health. It is so important to keep in check with it as it affects more than just school. Keeping up with grades is important as well, but I try not to stress about my grades too much because they seemed to do much good. Junior year was definitely the most difficult year of high school for me.”

While there were some bumps along the way, Brynteson also created some of his best memories within the past 4 years. He created some memories that he will never forget, Brady said, “My best memories have been hanging out with my friends and going to the football games but my best memory was homecoming this year. That night I asked my girlfriend out, and we’ve been together ever since.”

During his high school career, Brynteson found a lot of valuable lessons, skills, memories, and friends. Throughout high school Brady feels he has gained a lot of knowledge about how to approach life in high school, Brynteson said, “If I could give any advice to the underclassmen it would be not to stress. High school will be difficult, but it is also the best years of your life. Make sure to constantly monitor your mental health and remember it’s never wrong to ask for help. Finally, make memories and friends, because those last you a lifetime.”