Senior Superlatives 2018-19


Alexis Hardy


For the 2018-19 senior superlatives Bryson Smith was voted for wittest by her class. Smith’s role models are her mom and her mom’s best friend Dayna, who also got wittiest when she was in school. While growing up, Smith  remembers them roasting each other while laughing and having a good time together. “I just loved seeing how much fun they had and their sense of humor is so unique,” said Smith. She believes that most people think she’s witty because she tries to find humor in everything. Even though Smith has made a fool of herself, she believes it’s all worth it. This is the first accomplishment Smith has gotten using her wit. Being witty to Smith is being able to pop off jokes “on the fly” or just amusing people with a sense of humor that is one of a kind. “I’ve enjoyed making people laugh,” she said. After high school Smith plans on going to Berry College to become a teacher. Smith has learned many values while being at AHS: always giving her best efforts and treating everyone like family.Some of her favorite memories are: laughing with my friends at lunch, goofing around at volleyball, meeting new people everyday, and having a good time in the office. “Tribe and True to me means family always matters; if we’ve been defeated in anything we pump each other up, come together as family when we’ve won and never forget our roots while we grow together,” said Smith. As Smith’s last year at AHS, she hopes to instill in all of the underclassmen, the idea of getting to know everyone and attend as many events as possible.

For the 2018-19 senior superlatives Alex Lyle received wittiest by his peers. He believes he received this award by always being able to make people laugh. “Being witty is being able to respond quickly with something that’s funny or sarcastic,” said Lyle. Although he wasn’t expecting this award, he was happy to know his peers thought of him in this way. Lyle doesn’t have a particular college he plans attending yet; although he knows he wants to pursue a career in nursing. From being at Armuchee High, he has learned that it is one big happy community and that means everything when you live in an area like Armuchee. His favorite memories at AHS have been all on the soccer field for the past 3 years. “Being loyal to the tribe and your school is what I perceive to be Tribe and True,” said Lye. He is looking forward to walking across the stage and getting his diploma.