Upperclassmen vs Underclassmen

Maddie Strawn, Sports Editor

There is a certain amount of division between upperclassmen and underclassmen. The stereotypical scenario is that the upperclassmen pick on the underclassmen. In some cases this scenario can be true, but not all the time. Freshmen are sometimes scared to enter the high school environment; they assume that the upperclassmen will pick on them or intimidate them and so they don’t socialize with the older students. Movies and tv shows are usually the reason that this stereotype is real. Underclassmen should not be fearful of upperclassmen and there should be no division between the classes.

Students tend to socialize more with students in the same grade as themselves. The age, interest, and involvement of the classes are so different that it is hard for them to interact with each other in the school setting. The level of maturity plays a key role in the interaction between the classes. Upperclassmen have an advantage of knowledge and experience. People develop maturity over time and throughout the years.  “Neuroscientists have proven that the amount of grey matter-responsible for the growth of the brain-increases during early adolescence, which includes middle school and the early years of high school. Therefore, freshmen simply are not capable of the level of maturity that most upperclassmen have because their brains are still developing,” (themycenaean.org).

The division between upperclassmen and underclassmen usually comes from the freedoms and privileges each is given. Sophomore, Rylee Cook said, “ I did not think it was fair that the upperclassmen got to see the solar eclipse when it fully covered the sun. I think that was something all grades should have experienced together.” Upperclassmen not only get privileges in school but also in extra curricular activities. Sophomore Chloe Pledger said, “In cheerleading the seniors and juniors get to make decisions without consulting with the other members of the team.” This can make the underclassmen feel left out and unimportant to the team.

There shouldn’t be any division between the two besides the ages and maybe even the classes they take during their high school years.