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Andrew Stallings, Staff Writer

Andrew Stallings is a freshman just starting his journalism career. He joined the journalism team after hearing of other students who took the class and enjoyed it. The types of material that he looks forward to writing would be sports articles. Another reason Andrew joined was that he likes to read newspapers and thought that it would be interesting to learn how to make them. Andrew enjoys writing, his reason being that he can convey a multitude of details and emotions within it.

When it comes to his upcoming years in high school, Andrew solely looks forward to flying through it, walking across the stage, and receiving his diploma. He is not yet involved in any extracurricular activities, but he would like to join several clubs such as FCA. In addition, he would like to play tennis and run cross country. When he graduates, Andrew would like to go to college and become a lawyer.

Outside of school, Andrew enjoys playing all number of sports, such as basketball, soccer, and tennis. He also enjoys swimming. Andrew enjoys country music, his reasoning being to the varying styles that appear within the genre. Andrew enjoys reading mystery novels, as he likes how the writing forces him to think, rather than requiring him to read words on a page.

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Andrew Stallings