Freshman students are helping one another in Human Geography

Andrew Stallings, Writer

Freshmen are the new students in school and most of them got lost on the first day. Freshman Ethan Campbell confirmed, “It was weird on the first day because I didn’t know that you went outside to go to classes and each of my classes are on opposite sides of the school. I got lost trying to find my classes.” Other Freshmen like the school because it has phone freedom. Freshman Jonathan Corado and Braxton Honea said, “I was excited to be allowed to have my phone in the hallways and the lunchroom because they had a no-phone policy at the middle school.” Freshmen want to get involved in sports and clubs that are held here at the school.

Freshmen around the school are liking the lunchroom because it has better food, more phone freedom, and you can get lunch and leave whenever. The lunchroom is for students to hang out, eat, and get their minds off of academics. Freshmen Kolby Dempsey said, “I like the lunchroom because you can have your phone out and do whatever.” Other students like how you can dismiss yourself including Freshman Skyler Thurston. Skyler said, “I like how we can go get in line to get food whenever we want and the teachers don’t have to dismiss one table after another.” 

Freshman like to do a lot of stuff, they have a lot of hobbies. Freshman Brady Brynteson said, “I like to play video games including, Hitman 2, Garry’s Mod, and Guts and Glories. I like to hike at Berry College with my friends and drive my golf cart around my neighborhood.” Many Freshman play sports. Freshman Luke Williams remarked, “I really like to play sports, so I joined football this year.” In all of the Freshman surveyed, 95% like Snapchat. All the students that said they liked it said it was a faster way to text and communicate with people. The filters are very good because users can do a lot of things with them.