Online Classes: Technology Creates Independent Learners


Andrew Stallings, Staff Writer

At Armuchee, there are about eighty students who take online classes in AP and Dual Enrollment. Online classes enhance learning for students because they’re more comprehensive and advanced. Students who take online classes are happy that new technology is being produced; therefore, the students can do their work independently. Students take all CORE classes including math, science, social studies, and English in a traditional setting while many electives are offered online. Students including Noah Hood have only been taking online classes for one year. He confirmed, “It is different than typical classes because there is no teacher to teach over you.” Noah said that there is more intricate work. Noah takes AP Psychology and AP Environmental with Mrs. Mowery and Dr. Bettler respectively. He said online classes were very different than typical classes because of the work and platforms used such as, Youtube, Blackboard, Classroom, Edmodo, and Nearpod.

Some students report that online classes are better for students because they can take knowledge from ordinary classes and use it for advanced classes that are online. Online classes are stringent because of the advancement of technology. Every school is receiving more Chromebooks for each student, so they can take online classes. Colleges will take students that take online classes equally to those who take typical classes.

Will Holcolmb has also been taking online classes for only one year. Will Holcomb takes AP Hero. He also confirmed that online classes are very different because there is no teacher to teach, and you have to learn everything on your own. His teacher is Mrs. Ratledge. Will also said, “ I believe that online classes are harder than normal classes and I really like them because they help you expand your growth in learning.” 

Online classes are very well known in today’s world because of all the technology and capability of strong and intricate software. The online platform is very good for numerous amounts of students. A multitude of students who take online classes and they say they’re more challenging that typical classes. Mrs. Mowery stated, “I have to prepare more because I don’t have the same opportunity to have a full class discussion.” Mrs. Mowery uses many different online platforms including, Youtube video, Khan Academy, Nearpod and Edmodo.

Audrey Young dislikes the online classes because they’re more challenging than typical classes. She confirmed, “ Online Classes are different because you have to go at your own pace.” Audrey confirmed that her teachers, Dr. Bettler and Mr. Smith, a Pepperall teacher, use Google Classroom and the AP College Board as their platforms.

Dr. Bettler has only taught online classes for one year. He teaches AP Environmental Science. Dr. Bettler confirmed, “Online classes help students develop self-discipline. Teachers aren’t there to help you or to guide you; instead, students have  to use their own resources and provide information to themselves and be able to do the work on-time.” He points out assignments when they’re large, but he only tells the students once. Dr. Bettler said, “Online classes are College level, AP. They’re more rigorous classes; they ask more of the students with less resources.” He also said that the online classes are more advanced because of technology growth and the strength of the software. Dr. Bettler concluded that he uses Google Classroom, Youtube, and AP Collegeboard for his platforms.