From the Classroom to the Real World: Internships at AHS


Destiny Castro, Journalism Editor and Intern

Here at Armuchee High School, internships are offered to seniors who want to expand their knowledge and environment to other places in which they are preparing for the future that lies ahead. Internships are beneficial to those who want experience in the field they are interested in for the future. Zeena Bixby, a senior at AHS, said, “choose a place within your interest, but understand that you will be observing more than anything else, and you won’t be able to do as much as if you were employed there.” 

These opportunities allow students to see their career choices in a new light in the real world and expose them to the actions and tasks taken on in these occupations. Bixby, a student with an internship with Atrium/Floyd, said, “I wanted to learn more about what people in my field of interest do on a daily basis, and be able to experience that for myself to see if it is still the path I want to take.” These experiences allow students to reassure themselves of the path they are taking toward college and eliminate career paths so they don’t end up in a field they are not interested in which is saving them lots of time and money.

The internship programs at the CCA and other workplaces help students who have an idea of the area they want to work with but don’t know how to narrow it down. Aubrie Cordle, an AHS student who has an internship through the teaching pathway at the CCA, said “My internship has really given me a better understanding of what all goes on in a first-grade classroom and how much work it can be. I’ve learned that everybody learns differently and you may have to try out a different approach in order to reach a kid better.” These real-life experiences open the eyes of students to the little detail and activities they would have to face in their everyday lives in these work environments. Bixby, an AHS student, said “Overall I’ve learned what specifically I’m more interested in, rather than a general idea that I had before.  Working closely with professionals I’ve decided that working in a routine environment isn’t for me, and I’d rather do something where I can see different people and face different obstacles every day.”

Getting an internship requires the process of applying to various locations on time and understanding the requirements needed to get and maintain it. Bixby, a student who applied at Atrium/Floyd, said, “I had to apply for the internship as if I was applying to work at Atrium/Floyd.  I also had to do an interview with people in the corporate office. After the application process, I had to go to the hospital security office and get an official badge made.” Depending on where a student wants to do an internship through, the application process will be different. Cordle, a student who applied to work at Armuchee Elementary with Mrs.Dunagan, said, “The last few weeks of my junior year, I had to email the teacher I wanted to be with, and also the principal of the school I wanted to be at. I had to be approved by both of them before I could start my senior internship!”

Internships allow students to learn valuable skills and be able to be in an environment where they can help and support others. Aubrie Cordle, a student at AHS who is advising those who are interested in an internship in the future, said, “Make sure that you aren’t just doing it to pass the time and to mess around. You being there isn’t just experience for you, but it is also a great help to the teacher or supervisor you are with.”