Armuchee Seniors Step Onto the Future


Mandy Salmon, Staff Writer

Seniors at Armuchee High School this year have enjoyed their high school careers and the teachers that have helped them through it and are looking forward to the bright futures that lay ahead of them. 

Coming up soon, Armuchee High School seniors will be graduating and some will be taking the next step in college. Sophia Abshire said, “Right now, I want to go to Arizona State; because I will be doing it online. I want to do herbal medicines and work on natural remedies for the human body. My grandmother passed away and it took years for doctors to give her a diagnosis before she passed and I struggle with the idea that doctors don’t really look at the nutrition aspect. That’s why I am passionate about it.” Matthew Campbell is also preparing to attend college and looks forward to attending Mercer University for medical school to become an ER doctor and work in the trauma department. Campbell said, “I think one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make is deciding where I want to attend college. I have just had to figure out what to prioritize and to do what’s best for myself.” 

Throughout the years at Armuchee, seniors feel one teacher who has greatly impacted their high school experience is Dr. Donald Bettler. Abshire said, “Dr. B has always been very helpful with everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling; because he’s always gonna tell you that you can do it and motivate you.” Dr.Bettler is known for being a great teacher and helps encourage students always. Campbell said, “Dr.B has taught me what it’s going to be like in college. He’s taught me how to study and work hard and that not every class comes easy.”

Knowing that teachers have an impact on their students’ academics and lives gives teachers great satisfaction in their jobs. Bettler said, “It makes me happy, especially that they’re both bright, good students, and they’re both very creative. The fact that they feel that I had any impact on them was good. For both of them, I think they could go as far as they want.” With their creativity, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Seniors, Sophia Abshire and Emolyn Carney have expressed their opinions on the term, “senioritis”. Abshire said, “I definitely think it’s real because the second semester started and I instantly had no motivation and I didn’t want to do any of my work.” Though they have experienced senioritis, students also said they have overcome it and are proud of what they have accomplished. Many seniors have established how much they enjoyed their time at AHS and look forward to what the future holds for them. Seniors have bright futures to look forward to and are grateful for the opportunities and experiences Armuchee High School has provided.