AHS Students & Drama Teacher Perform in Beauty & The Beast Musical


Silly Girls left to right: Lilith Dew from AHS, Rylee Miller from MHS, and Taryn Voyles from AHS

Lilith Dew, Staff Writer

Here at AHS, we have three students who auditioned and are taking part in this year’s Floyd County School musical. AHS’s very own Mrs. LeJeune has also been working as the show’s musical director. Taryn Voyles, Audrey Reynolds, and Lilith Dew all auditioned for the production of Beauty and the Beast, which will be performed on February 2nd, 2023.

Every year, the Floyd County schools come together to work on and perform a musical. This year the schools have been diligently working since November of 2022. Mrs. LeJeune, a Drama and Chorus teacher at AHS, explains that she loves the process of watching a musical come together, working with students from all different schools, and helping them connect with each other. She said, “I love doing physical-based activities that help students get to know each other since we’re all from other schools. I love to help students get to know each other and watch them all come together while working on the musical.” Many students auditioned for the musical at the beginning of September 2022, one of them being Taryn Voyles, an eighth grader at AHS. Voyles said that she auditioned to branch out more. “I really just wanted to get more involved with school activities, and when I found out about the musical I was really excited because I thought it would be the perfect way for me to socialize and just be a part of something.”  In the production, Voyles will be playing Silly Girl. Rylee Miller, a sophomore at Model High School said, “Beauty and the Beast is just such a classic film and has been one of my favorite Disney movies that really just inspired me to audition.” 

Cast members were kind enough to share some advice they have for people who are looking to audition next year. Davion Williams who plays Gaston, and attends Model High School said, “Be confident in yourself. While working on the musical, you’re around a lot of different people with a lot of different personalities, so it’s important for you to be confident in yourself and your abilities. If you’re not, it’s a major challenge simply because you can’t get anything done.” Similar advice was shared by Audrey Reynolds, another eighth grader at AHS, who is an ensemble member. She said, “Everyone has a lot of pressure on them so you need to be confident in yourself .” Voyles also recognized the amount of time that is required. Voyles said, “Being prepared and confident are just as important as showing up and working hard.” 

With the amount of time and effort that is put into all of the moving parts of a musical, is the response to the show enough to make all the hard work worth it? Luke Still, who attends Model High School, and is playing the beast, said, “ The whole experience is a lot, but it’s definitely worth it because performing on stage is always fun, and you can inspire others through your performance.” Junior Pearson, a student from Coosa High School playing Lefou said, “I definitely think that the response to the musical is worth every last bit of effort that we all put into working on the show. We’ve all worked so hard to make sure we’re ready, and Beauty and the Beast is a classic, so we’re sure to have a good turnout.”

The cast and crew of the musical are eager and waiting to perform the show for the first time on February 2nd at Model High School. The cast has described working on the show as a fun experience, and all agreed that they would encourage other students to get involved in their school’s drama programs next year. Emi Kate Ashworth, who attends Model High School, and plays the role of Belle in the musical expressed that her involvement in the drama program has helped her tremendously not only with acting but also with her singing and dancing.  She said, “Being a part of the drama program is so much fun. You’re always doing something different, and there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking to get involved with your school somehow, I would definitely encourage you to join the drama program.” Students who worked on this show together have sacrificed their time, and effort, and have begun to see the results of their hard work. This year’s Beauty and the Beast production will be one that Floyd County Schools will not forget.