Ethan Campbell – Most Spirited


Lilith Dew, Staff Writer

Ethan Campbell, a senior at Armuchee High School, was awarded the senior superlative of Most Spirited for the 2022 graduating class. Campbell plays baseball for Armuchee and describes the school as his second family. Campbell is grateful for all of the support from his Armuchee family and has known most of the people he’s gone to school with his whole life. He said his favorite thing about Armuchee is, “The people and how everyone knows everybody since it’s such a small school.”

Throughout this year’s football season, Campbell attended almost every game dressed out for the theme. Ethan said, “I would go to Party City for most games and spend $20 minimum on game attire.” Dressing out for games is Campbell’s favorite way to show school spirit, along with dressing up for the school’s spirit weeks. This year for spirit week, the school held an Adam Sandler day for students to come to school dressed as the actor. Campbell describes this day as his favorite part of spirit week this year. When interviewed, Campbell was asked, if he could give his superlative to someone else, who would it be? He replied, “I would give my superlative to Kolby Dempsey or Lance Kerr because they showed up to most games and came dressed out for the theme. “

Being awarded most spirited, Campbell was asked about how he manages to keep a positive attitude throughout the ups and downs of the school year. He said, “Always look on the bright side, know that it’s your last year. If it isn’t, just know that you don’t have that much longer. Might as well enjoy it.” Campbell also likes to attend volleyball and basketball games to cheer on the players and show his school spirit. In his sophomore year, he also participated in the dodgeball tournament put on by the school, which he describes as one of his best memories at Armuchee. 

After graduation, Campbell plans to attend KSU to pursue a degree in industrial engineering. When questioned about one thing he looks forward to most when he attends college, he responded with, “I’m looking forward to more freedom and determining your fate”. Before Campbell leaves Armuchee, he would like to give the underclassmen this advice; “Socialize and make sure you pay attention. Go to football games so that when you’re out of high school you won’t regret not going.” Some more great memories that Campbell will be able to take with him from his senior year is his nomination for homecoming court, and his participation in the reverse parade on September 27th. Congratulations, Ethan Campbell, for being chosen as Most Spirited. Being awarded your superlative is an honor. Thank you for representing what the Tribe is all about. Your Armuchee Family wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors.