Armuchee’s Yearbook Staff


Isabel Morales, Staff Writer

Yearbooks are a way to look back on an eventful school year. The yearbook staff captures fun events and school extracurriculars by writing and taking photographs of them to input in the yearbook.  The staff has designated roles like photographers, writers, editors, in order to keep the process organized. A new theme was created the year prior by conversing and pitching different ideas until one was agreed upon, which is what’s used to inspire the design, and creation of the yearbook. Mrs. Hammond said, “We try to think about all of the things that have been going on or we anticipate will be going on and try to step away from our past themes.” The yearbook theme remains a secret until the yearbook is unveiled.

The majority of the information used in the yearbook comes directly from the students and student interviews conducted by the yearbook staff. Mrs. Hammond’s said, “Our yearbook motto is  ‘Souls on paper.’ We try to make sure everyone in the school is in the yearbook.” Plenty of thought process and organization is required to make sure the majority of the students are in the yearbook. Mrs. Hammond said, “My favorite aspect of the yearbook is getting to know all of the students’ faces.” 

Marina Cromer, sophomore, said, “As a photographer we go out and take pictures of extracurricular activities and their high and low points. I enjoy being a part of the yearbook staff  and it’s honestly fun.” Sarah Sevenich, Junior, has been a member of the yearbook staff for two years in high school and another two years in middle school. Sarah, junior, said, I am also a design editor, meaning that I go through and add design elements to make the yearbook more visually interesting. I also make sure everything is in place correctly and that the right fonts are used.” Sarah along with other editors works hard to make sure there are no errors in the final product of the yearbook.  Sarah says her favorite aspect of the yearbook is definitely being a part of the team. She said, “Meeting new people and creating new friendships is something that is so special to me.” 

The yearbook will be distributed in May. In the meantime, the yearbook staff is working on their intermittent deadlines, submitting 25 or more pages at a time.