Door Decorating Winners Announced: Homecoming 2021

Sophia Johnston, Staff Writer

Homecoming is a big event held at Armuchee High School. Every year the students and teachers work together to participate in a door decoration competition; the student body and faculty use this competition to express the creativity of their school spirit for Homecoming. This year there were 5 winners instead of 3 with first place being a tie. The first-place winners were Mrs. Dougherty and Mrs. Arp, second place Mrs. Hellriegel, and third place winners Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Everett.  Congratulations to the participants and winners for showing their school spirit! 

The competition was fun for everyone. Julian Alverez, freshman, said, “It is pretty interesting to walk down the halls and have something to look at.” This proves how the environment of the school can affect the students’ and faculty’s experience throughout the day.  Izzy Espy, junior, said, “I got to work with my friends on it; it was just an all-around fun experience.” She worked on one of the first-place winner’s doors: Mrs. Arp. Izzy helped assemble the decoration and props with her fellow classmates. 

Despite the various difficulties, students worked through them. When trying to identify the hardest part of the door decorating process, students’ answers differed. Evan Shinholster, senior, said, “The hardest part was probably hanging the fishing line from the ceiling.” The decoration he was involved in included hanging feathers, representing the rival team’s mascot, from the ceiling. Regardless of the trouble, he enjoyed the role he played in the creation. In another response, Lauren Early, sophomore, said, “The hardest part was figuring out where to put the top of the poster so peoples’ heads don’t hit it.” To overcome the challenge, students worked together and successfully came up with a solution. After correctly measuring, the sign above the door was placed in a secure place.

In conclusion, despite the intricacy of some of the creations, the positive impact of participation created an excellent environment to display school spirit.