Cant Wait for State- Competition Cheer Team 2021

As the team comes closer to State the bond between the girls grow and the determination strengthens.

Olivia Dorsey

Placing first at Sonoraville on September 18th and Calhoun on September 25th and second at Ringold on October 2nd and Model on October 9th, the competition cheer team is preparing for State. AHS cheerleading is known for its legacy of defeating many teams. Now, The Armuchee Competition Cheer team is working hard for the greatest part of the season. They work hard cheering 5 days a week and 2 plus hours a day. The girls officially hit the mats in June and the season began in August. 

The theme of this year’s season is the Dream Team. The routine’s music revolves around having one big dream: to succeed and win state. The team’s music begins by saying “Do you dream about Armuchee” describing the legacy the Armuchee team has created with 2 State Championships and 2 Runner-up placements in the last 5 years. Sophomore Makayla Tenny said, “We are very hopeful for this season and are willing to fight harder than we feel like we can to become champions.” They will head to Macon Georgia for State on Saturday, November 20th ready to make the season worthwhile. 

State requires grit and fight that a lot of athletes do not have in them. The team only has three months to prepare for the big day. Freshman, Maggie Dillard said, “Compared to middle school cheer, there is a lot more competition in high school cheer because of the State competition.” Without State the girls would not have something so great to look forward to. Coach Stamey said “State is the best part of the season! We still have a lot of work to do to be ready for State but State weekend is always an amazing experience.”

The team sees each other as family. Annie Conley, the cheer team’s only senior, said, “After doing cheer for four years, I have come to find out that AHS is like family.” The competitions and the bonds created make all the work worthwhile. Middle school cheer and high school cheer are two different ball games. Maggie said, “High school cheer is different because there are higher expectations and closer bonds are made.”

Once the girls apply themselves and work hard, all of the hours and hours of practice finally pay off. This year the team has very strong tumbling. With four fulls, three layouts, and team standing tucks the cheerleaders are confident in this season.  Working hard through the aches and pains pays off. The coach of the team, Kelly Stamey said, “I love the excitement and feeling we have as a team when all of our hard work pays off and the routine hits!” The team knows that every single person has to push harder for each other to make the season worth it. Peyton Falk, freshman said, “Team effort is needed in competition cheer because if one person does not do her job then the stunt will fall and the whole team will be affected.” Because of the drive to be state champions, the team is already having a successful season.