Armuchee Girls Soccer 2020

The first scrimmage the girls soccer team had was against Morris Innovative, winning 10-0. The girls usually run around three miles before the workout in order to loosen their muscles and get ready for a real soccer practice. The soccer team is pretty experienced because most of the girls have been playing their whole life, along with playing on travel teams. 

This year there are only three freshmen playing who came up from eighth grade soccer along with travel. A freshman, Erene Castro has played soccer since she was two years old. Erene has always been interested in soccer because she had inspiration from her older brother. Erene has also played with two different travel teams, Arsenal and SSA. Erene said, ̈ My team goal for this year is to win the region and make it to the State championship.¨  Another freshman, Malone Christen has been playing soccer since she was two along with many travel teams. She said, “ I am very excited to see how our team grows and hopefully go undefeated for 2020.” The team hasn’t been able to attend all of the games that have been scheduled due to the rain and saturation of the grass.

The goalie, Delaney Steen is a sophomore this year and plans to play soccer for the rest of her high school career. Her favorite part about being a goalie is that she feels important to the team. Delaney said, “ If I could give advice to any freshman wanting to be a goalie it would say, don’t be lazy, learn the right techniques, and train hard.” This is Delaney’s fourth year being a goalie. She does not plan on playing soccer in college.

Senior, Heidi Dulaney has been playing soccer since she was young. Heidi said, “ My team goals for this year are to really grow as a family and work together.” Heidi plans to play on a club soccer team after high school. Heidi’s goals for herself are to become a better teammate and always try her best. Heidi said, “ If I could give an incoming freshman advice about playing soccer, it would be to not be afraid to get to know your teammates.” Heidi and her team are looking forward to a rewarding season. 

   The girls on the soccer team have a long road ahead of them, but with the experience and talent they have, they are expecting to have a successful season. The head soccer coach, Dr. Bettler, encourages the girls to try their best and give everything they have in workouts, practices and games. The goal that the girls made this year is to win region and go to state.