El Día de los Muertos 2018


Brianne Carver, Extra-Extra Editor

Freshman Riley Ross completed her El Día de Los Muertos project on Hernando de Soto. De Soto was a Spanish explorer. Ross creatively made her project into a boat because of what he was.
Freshman Keely Painter went the extra mile on her project by decorating her tri-fold with bright colors and lights. Her project was about remembering her grandfather. By completing these projects ,students learn more about their family members that have passed on, or historic Spanish men and women.
Freshman Kaitlyn Cowan stands with her Dia de Los Muertos project for her Spanish class. Her project was on Antoni Gaudi who was a famous Spanish painter in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
Freshman Emily Tomlin made her Dia de los Muertos project on her grandpa, whom she called “Grandpa Sam”. On her project was many pictures of her grandfather. As she presented, she told the class about fond memories she had with her grandfather.
Freshman Olivia Moses did her project on her great-grandmother. In doing this project, she learned things about her great-grandmother that she would have never known without it.