Night Under the Stars: Homecoming Dance 2021


Students Enjoying the Dance with Friends

MaKayla Eads, Contributer

On Saturday October 2 Armuchee High School students danced the night away with their friends and classmates. The homecoming dance for students was behind the Armuchee High Schools new gym from 7 to 10. Students were confused as to why it was outside. Mrs. Rollins, Biology Teacher, said, “The school wanted to take  as many COVID-19 precautions as possible.” Students were distant or wore a mask if they chose to do so, it was held outside where the air was constantly cleaning itself. 

The school provided a DJ, lights, snacks, beverages, and a backdrop to take photos. Sarah Harris, Sophomore said, “I would give some more activities to do instead of just hanging out.”  Most of the student body felt the same way to have had a more enjoyable time. These activities would give students other things to do while not dancing. These pastimes could be anything from cornhole to karaoke.  Most students enjoyed dancing in the middle of the concrete pad with their friends.Without having this dance students would have celebrated by going to the football games and spending time with friends. 

Teachers also had a great time while supervising the dance. Dr. Bettler, Chemistry Teacher said, “It was nice getting to see the students relaxed and away from school.” Teachers also worked to decorate the dance where it was trendy, easy, and practical. Mrs. Dougherty, Art Teacher said, “Homecoming decorations are pretty easy, we set the school colors with Cafe Lights, Christmas Lights, and balloons.” The decorations also included a tent filled with tables and chairs. 

After the Homecoming dance most students went to the local Waffle House for a late night dinner with friends. Rylan Weaver, Sophomore said, “It was really fun going to hang out with friends while eating. More and more people started to fill up the restaurant until they had to wait for a table, the waiters and waitresses said that it was almost a tradition to come to the restaurant after the dance every year.” Students chose to go here because the Armuchee Waffle House is a community favorite and has outstanding service.