Armuchee Students Share Their Poll Results

Kaitlyn Baty, Staff Writer

In January of 2023, students submitted their responses to a set of questions presented by the Advanced Grammar and Composition class. These questions ranged from a favorite subject in school to a favorite movie. Overall, there were 137 responses across grades 7-12th.

Favorite Subject

Overall, History was the preferred subject, with 32.8% of the votes. Following closely was Math with 29.1% of the votes. Science was third, carrying 22.4% of votes. Last was English, with only 15.7% of the votes. 

Reading & Different Genres

Reading has recently become a big trend on social media which has led many students at Armuchee High School to begin reading again. 60% of students said they do like reading. The top response for the book genre was romance with 29.6% of votes. Fiction, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy followed. Junior, Dylan Pierce, said, “My favorite series is The Throne of Glass series. I like that it’s a fantasy book with a side plot of romance and I like the characters.”

Movies or TV Shows

60% of students prefer shows over movies, leaving movies with 40% of the votes. Kaylee Nichols, a junior at Armuchee High School, said her favorite movie was Smokey and The Bandit. She said, “it’s just such a fun, old, warm movie that my sister and I can quote from beginning to end.” Another student, Senior Riley Roberts, said, “The Lion King is my favorite movie because it has all the things a great movie should have. Depth, emotion, character development, and an overlying message.” Many genres of movies and shows were discussed such as comedy, romance, science fiction, historical fiction, and mystery. 

Sweet or Salty

When monitoring the votes, sweet and salty were head to head. They remained at 50% on both sides for a while but sweet ended up pulling ahead. Sweet won over salty with 54% of the votes compared to salty’s 46%.

Early Bird or Night Owl

There was hardly any competition between early birds or night owls. Night owl was chosen over early bird by 83.9%, leaving early bird with only 16.1%.

Best Vacation Destination

Overall, the beach was the top pick for favorite vacation destination with 44.5% of votes. Following the beach, the mountains had 32.8% of votes. Only 17.5% of students prefer a theme park as a vacation destination, while 5.1% of students would rather stay home.

Cats or Dogs

56% of students prefer dogs over cats, however, 24.1% of students like both. Cats had 12.4% of votes while others left other answers such as “neither,” “I don’t like animals,” and “Octopus.”

Indoors or Outdoors

It was a close call between indoors and outdoors but outdoors pulled through with 58.4% of votes, leaving indoors with only 41.6%.

Best Streaming Service

Netflix was the top chosen streaming service with a stupendous response of 70.8% of votes. Following Netflix was HBO Max with 10.9% of votes and Hulu with 5.8% of votes. Several others submitted their replies with different streaming services. Three people voted for Disney+ and 4 voted for Amazon Prime Video.

Favorite Social Media Platform

Tiktok had a majority of the votes with 45.9% of votes. Snapchat followed with 20%, then Instagram with 11.1%, and last was Pinterest with 8.1% of votes. Other students submitted responses such as, “Twitter,” and “Reddit,” and a few others said, “I don’t use social media.”

Plans After High School

The top response for plans after high school was college with 70.6% of votes, however, there were several other responses. About 5.1% of students answered that they would like to attend trade school and another 2.2% said they want to join the Military. Some students would like to go straight into the workforce after school, while 8.8% of students are not sure of what they want to do yet.

Something To Look Forward To This Semester

The top response for what students are looking forward to this semester is graduation, however many other students are excited about events at the school. A few students are excited about prom while others are excited about track season, soccer, and winter guard season.