One Word Challenge-One Word for One Year


For Amanda, she chose ‘Never’ for never giving up, but not only that but to continue to push herself and keep going forward.

Alexis Hardy, School News Editior

New Year’s resolutions are often broken each and every year; this year the AHS literature teachers challenged their students to think of one word that they could live by this year. Each student came up with a word. They then wrote it on a feather, which was placed on one of the two murals shaped like wings. The murals were hung on the walls so that students can see their word each day when they walk by and never forget it. Putting these words into action and living by them each day can end up being challenging,  but many students are dedicated to their word and want to reach their goals.

AP Language student, Junior, Claire Sentell’s word is SUCCESS, “Success is important because it determines short and long term changes in your life. Whether it be passing a test, getting a job, getting accepted into college, living healthy, or being a kind person, it can be seen as a success.. I would like to focus my life from now on to the accomplishments of my goals.”

AP Language student, Sophomore, Dylan Stacy’s word is DETERMINATION, “Determination cannot be bought, or bargained for. It must be obtained through self-devotion to a goal, that only that person can give to themselves. It does not have to be stolen or taken, but it is given freely, from within.”

AP Language student, Junior, Zainab Waseem’s word is AMBITION, I truly want to prosper in life and accomplish life goals for my future, but without ambition, I would not be successful. This year is also the year in which I want to try to do my best in everything I do… Ambition is essential and will guide and empower me to continuing life’s path for me,”

World literature student, Sophomore, Chloe Purdy’s one word is SMILE, “This semester I will smile and relax more to help not worry as much as last semester. I want to smile more because when you smile you forget stressful things you relax more and have fun.”

World literature student, Sophomore, Darla Whitner’s word is HAPPINESS, “I need happiness. I want to be happy. Toxic people and things get in my way. I need to focus on myself… I am going to make it be my life by blurring out the bad and focusing on the positive.”

American literature student, Junior, Bryce Culberson’s one word is BREATHE, “I am going to just breathe when life gets stressful and to just take a moment for myself.”

American lit student, Gauge Burkett’s word is FOCUS, “I need to focus on bettering my talent to reach my lifetime goal. I can do this by increasing my work ethic on and off the field by doing drills on my own and reading the Bible every night and taking notes to use in my life.”

The students set these goals with one word; they plan not to break them but to live them out. One word can help them get through the year with positivity and become the person they aspire to be. Goals will be achieved this year, AHS students will become the person they have always wanted to be.