NHS Pens Letters to 2nd Grade Pals

Azan Chaudary, Staff Writer


For the first time in 7 years, Armuchee High School’s National Honors Society (NHS) is participating in a pen pal project. The pen pals are between the students in NHS and the 2nd graders at Armuchee Primary School. The idea was sparked by NHS members who once got pen pal letters in 2nd grade and wanted others to have the same experience they once had. NHS advisor, Mrs.Ashley Flagello, made this wish a reality. Sophomore Jackson Pledger, a member of NHS, writes to 2nd grader Damien, while Makayla Lockhart writes to a 2nd grader named Blakely. Many NHS members were very excited to receive a pen pal this year. Pledger said, “I was very excited because I have never done anything like this before.” NHS members are very grateful for the new opportunities this project has provided them to have. Makayla Lockhart said, “I love kids and I liked that I would be able to give kids advice so they can have the best opportunities.” Lockhart wants them to be happy and not make the same mistakes she did. Lockhart said, “I think it is good for her to have somebody to look up to. I feel like I can be a role model for her and help her as she goes through elementary school.”

The members wrote their letters during the first week of December. Lockhart, an NHS member, said, “For my first letter I explained things about me like my favorite things, hobbies of mine, and some life advice from a high schooler’s standpoint. I also asked her questions to see if we have anything in common.” Lockhart has lots of good advice and is sharing her knowledge with the 2nd graders. She said, “ I told her to not let people tell her no and that she is capable of what she puts her mind to.”

Some students feel as if the friendships they have created through their letters will last for a long time. Sophomore Delilah Fernandez said, “I want to stay in touch with my pen pals because I want to be able to see how they are doing and I feel like we are best friends now because we have really gotten to know each other, I know their favorite colors, their favorite movies, and their favorite class at school. And they know my favorite things.” This is Fernandez’s first time writing pen pal letters to someone, so she feels like she has created a long-lasting friendship. Lockhart also feels the same way and doesn’t want to let her pen pal down. She said, “I definitely want to stay in touch with her. I have written to her before, and in those letters, I explained things about myself like my favorite things, hobbies of mine, and some life advice from a high schooler’s standpoint, and I don’t want to let her down and lose communication with her.” Fernandez also wants to be able to stay in touch even after the school year is over. She said, “When I meet them I would get them presents. Carter’s favorite movie is The Lion King, so I would get a Simba stuffed animal.”

Fernandez drew their picture, which might have made the letter interesting for them. “Because they are little kids, it probably makes them happy to be getting a handwritten letter.”

Some of the teachers here at AHS have kids in the second grade, such as Mrs. Flagello and Mrs. Everett. Mrs. Flagello’s daughter Charleigh Flagello said, “I like getting a Pen Pal letter because I think it is fun, and I like getting to write a letter back.” From a 2nd grader’s perspective, writing a letter is fun and exciting. Mrs. Everett’s son Oakley said, “I like writing to my pen pal because she writes me sweet letters, and it helps me with my writing, too. My favorite thing to do is draw her a picture with the letters.”

All the NHS members had lots of fun writing these letters and Lockhart, Fernandez, and Pledger think you should try something like it, too because most people are stuck on their phones all day and they text each other. Most people these days have forgotten the beauty of sitting down and writing a handwritten letter to someone.