Armuchee Baseball is Right Around the Corner…


Jackson Coonley, Staff Writer

As winter approaches, so does the high school baseball season, and the Indians could not be happier. With a variety of Armuchee high school baseball players finishing up their travel ball season and some finishing up their football season, the players’ minds shift toward school ball. Players being prepared and loose for the season is a major factor, so players are already practicing, working to get into their groove and ready for the upcoming season. By the time tryouts are here, which is right after Christmas break, everyone is thrilled for the next 3-4 months.

In the 2020 season, the Armuchee baseball program missed the playoffs by one game. They had to sweep Trion in a 3-game series to clinch their spot in the public 1A playoffs, and the Indians dominated 2 of the games, but heartbreakingly lost one, ending their season short. Starting pitcher, Junior Jack Rogers said, “Last season went okay. It bothers me that we missed the playoffs by one game, and drives me to make the postseason this year. We could have been a lot better than we were.” Also, Junior Skyler Thurston, starting catcher for the Indians, said, “Last season went well. Heartbreaking that we missed the playoffs by one game.”

Although last season ended on a low note, the Indians are ready for baseball season to roll around. Junior Blake Mathis said, “Compared to last year, this year’s team chemistry is better. This year, the team has way more experience and skill.” Also, Sklyer Thurston said, “Since a lot of underclassmen played last season, this year we will have more experience, and they will step up and be leaders on the team since we only have one senior.” This upcoming season, the team’s chemistry is expected to be high, and the team should improve from last year, due to everyone’s level of experience improving. 

Players are already preparing for the upcoming 2021 season. They have already been conditioning with Coach Henderson after school, and doing workouts on their own. Junior Ethan Campbell, said “I have been doing bands and arm workouts to prepare him for the upcoming season.” Jack Rogers stated that he has been long tossing three times a week and band work every day. He is a pitcher, so he is mainly focused on increasing arm speed. Also, Junior Blake Mathis, said, “I have been fixing my swing by doing tee work, long tossing once or twice a week, and doing specific shoulder workouts to increase my arm strength.” Almost all players on the Varsity squad are developing their arms and form.

Players goofing off in dugout at Lakepoint.
Indians reminiscing after their last game.
Pledge of allegiance (left to right: Soph. Jackson Coonley, Sr. Jack Rush, and Sr. Canyon Painter.