Sliding into State in 2021

AHS Softball Marks the Season with a State Appearance


The Lady Indians celebrating

Jaycie Johnson, Staff Writer

This year, Armuchee’s Lady Indians softball team achieved 9 wins with their record being 9-17, taking them all the way to state on October 13th. Their last game, held at Commerce, was the first round of state for the Lady Indians. While they did not come out of the game with a win, they had fun. Emily McBurnett, junior, who plays 2nd base, was not on the 2017 team, so she had not made a state appearance before.  Emily McBurnett, junior, said, “Even though we lost, it was a good experience because we haven’t been to state since maybe 2017.” 

From signing up for batting lessons to playing for a travel team, and practicing at home they are excited to get ready to play again next year and strive to do even better in the upcoming season. The girls were disappointed with a loss. Sara Harris said, “It was a big letdown.” She will continue to play on a travel team this year. She said, “It is my absolute favorite sport; it’s all I’ve ever done.”  Sara is one of the pitchers for our softball team. Other players have different plans. Gabbie Stinson, 8th grader, said, “I will be taking more private lessons and playing basketball.” Gabbie has played softball for as long as she can remember. She said, “Being an 8th grader on a high school team is fun, and I get a lot more practice than I would in middle school.” Gabbie plays 1st base. Kirsten Conti, freshman, plans to work harder with softball and keep practicing for the next season. Kirsten said, “I love being a part of the team.” She plays right field and 3rd base.