Biden and Our Election

Joshua Hash, Staff Writer

America is a republic, which is a type of democracy in which the citizens vote for officials, who then represent the public. This year is another election year that we have every four years. The election of our president is important because it will determine who will run our country for the next four years. This year is special because of the pandemic affecting how people will vote.

When asked about the pandemic, junior Braden Reeder said that it will affect how people vote and how the votes are counted. This year, two candidates, one a republican and one a democrat, are running. Their names are Donald Trump and Joe Biden. As of writing this, Biden is our president-elect, but Trump is acknowledging that Biden won, but has not conceded, although Trump can run again in 2024.

Currently the  state of Georgia is having to recount by hand because their votes were less than half of a percent difference between the two candidates. Biden is leading in Georgia, which if he wins, it will be the first time Georgia was a democrat state since 1992. Biden’s policies that he will focus on are reinforcing same-sex marriage across all states, increasing the amount for student loan credits, and increase the annual ceiling for refugees. Sophomore Isabelle Espy said that she does not agree with all of Biden’s policies. Biden has won the election and we will have to see what he does while in his presidency and if he is a good president.