Cross Country Race September 15, 2018


Chaney Holder keeping the lead

Mitchell Worsham, Features Editor

The cross country team is looking forward to this year a lot. Last year the cross-country team made it to state last year with the girls placing 4th and the boys placing 2nd. This year Coach Pierce wants to place in Berry high for the girls and boys. If they do go it will be the boys 3rd year in a row going and the girls 2nd. The top 5 runners last year are on the team this year again and Coach talked about how they stayed healthy over the summer, ran, and stayed in shape for this year. The top 2 runners have already broke school records and it’s still early in the season. There are also some new freshmen coming to the team and Pierce said, “I want the freshmen to take it seriously because this is a high school sport.”

Chloe Purdy who recently beat her personal and also school record said, “I was very happy and excited after the race when I found out.” Purdy got prepared for this race like many other races by not eating, jogging, and stretching. The boys top runner Chaney Holder also broke the school record along with Chloe. Holder said, “After I found out I broke the school record I was very excited and happy because all my hard work paid off.” Holder talked about how he worked very hard eating healthy and preparing for the meets. Coach Pierce wants to run long miles and also speed work at the practices to be prepared for this year.