Respect Everyone

Allison Jackson, Editor

The Golden Rule that everyone knows, some people were raised by, but most do not abide by and follow is: “Treat others how you want to be treated.” By treating others with respect one can gain respect,  If everyone treated others with care, then the world could become a better place for the next generations.

It is morally correct to be courteous to others and not to judge others by their appearances or any aspect about them. By being courteous, polite, appreciative and not judging others, one can gain their respect and appreciation. Mrs. Leah Byrnes, literature teacher here at AHS said, “It is a good premise to live your life by.” According to Marla Lowder Fairbanks, writer for news miner, one can show good character by being polite, appreciative, and accepting the differences of others, by not judging them ( Junior Conor Yeargan said, “I definitely agree with it because it has the ability to stop fights and drama going around.”

If one does not want to be bullied, then they should not turn into the bully. Most people that bully others have a positive view on verbal and physical abuse, because they may have experienced this type of treatment. They could simply just treat the others how they want to be treated. Students must respect themsleves before they can respect others. They can learn to respect themselves by not settling for less than they deserve, surround their self with positive people and being honest with their self. Respect will last a lifetime, so respect others to be respected. It is up to one individual to gain the respect that they want