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Kathryn Beavers is a sophomore at AHS. This is her second year in journalism. She really enjoyed it last year, and it helped her with grammar and writing skills. She also joined journalism again because it is easier for her to express ideas with writing than with words. Kathryn likes reporting certain events that are happening at the school. Her father encouraged her to take journalism because he was a journalism teacher.

Kathryn likes to take Biology, and she is in all honors classes. She likes how friendly the community is here. She likes the events that are held here at the school, especially Tribe Fest and school pep rallies.  She was involved in FBLA and Key Club last year. She is currently not enrolled in any club, but she would like to join Key Club. “I would like to become a Psychiatrist when I graduate,'' said Kathryn.

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Will Miller's project goes over William of Orange. Initially, Miller was unhappy with the name he pulled as he didn't know who William of Orange was. However, as Miller researched his absolute and learned of his impact, he found himself to like the figure, due to the impact he had on the revolution in Great Britan. Do not procrastinate was Miller's mindset while he was working on his project.  One intriguing fact Miller discovered while researching William of Orange was, he overthrew the rule of James II and helped establish the English Bill of Rights.

AP Euro Absolute Project

February 11, 2019
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Kathryn Beavers