Senior Superlatives 2018-19


Kathryn Beavers

Most Respected

Anna Fitzpatrick is one of the most respected students at AHS. Fitzpatrick claims that she has earned her respect through kindness and listening to what others have to say, “I was happy to find that people appreciated my kindness,” said Fitzpatrick. She is A straight a student who is involved in many community service related clubs, to better the school and the community. Some of Fitzpatrick’s favorite moments from her time at AHS are when Mrs. Floyd would poke fun at Manpreet Kaur’s age in AP Seminar, and times in AP Stats when Mr. Bourg would stand up on a desk in the middle of class and continue to teach as though nothing happened. She feels that even though school work is important, she should always remember to not sacrifice time with friends and family. When she graduates high school, Fitzpatrick believes she might go to UGA to major in engineering or math, though Anna doesn’t know what she wishes to do with her future. “To me being ‘Tribe and True’ means being a family and that what we have done in the past may work, but it can always improve,” says Fitzpatrick.
Jarret Proctor believes that ‘Tribe and True’ means that, we, as a tribe, stand together to work towards a common goal all the while staying true to ourselves. Proctor was not expecting to receive any superlatives, but he was quite proud when he found out that others look up to him and found him to be one of the most respected students in the school. He believes he has earned his respect by going to Armuchee all his life and that the students around him could always see him strive to achieve his goals. ¬†Proctor also believes that he has earned respect from taking as many complicated classes as possible, maintaining those classes, and by being a prominent member of the Armuchee community. One of Proctor’s favorite memories from AHS was the day when Floyd County announced quite early on in the morning that school was out for the day. Their reason for canceling, the heavy amounts of snow in the forecast. Some students, like Proctor, had already arrived at the school and were eagerly anticipating the snow and getting out of school.
When Proctor graduates he would like to go to Berry College or GNTC. He doesn’t have a current plan for what to do at Berry, but if he goes to GNTC, he plans to become a machinist. Proctor believes that being pushed to the limit at AHS will help him in the future, and he feels it has prepared him for having a job and getting through college.