Senior Superlatives 2018-19


Sarah Barnes, Sports Editor


Adam Hart and Madi Hopper were voted by their peers as the cutest seniors.  Hart also says he is more worried about academics and football than striving to be most attractive. Hart plans on majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in business. He also said, “I have learned many things at AHS such as better communication and time management.”  Hart said, “Tribe and true shows that we are a family and that we can all rely on each other no matter what the situation.”

Hopper plans to go to college to be a labor and delivery nurse, and then proceed to be a nurse practitioner. Hopper’s favorite memories from AHS are in the classroom. She said, “I have always had great teachers and great friends to make it a good time.” Hopper’s celebrity that she finds attractive is Alex O’Loughlin. Hopper said, “Tribe and true to me means to always stay true to your school and the things that go on.”