Cross Country State: Boys Finish 2nd & Girls Finish 4th

Sarah Barnes, Features Editor

In the state race the girls finished 4th and the boys finished 2nd in the state. Cross Country traveled to Carrollton, Ga on November 4th to run in the GHSA state competition. The team put in many early mornings running and some late nights also. Alexander Stevens Sophomore, said, It feels great to be able to run at the state cross country race. He said, “it is great to be able to run against some of the best runners and place second in the state is a big accomplishment.” One of the ways the cross country team pushes each other is to run faster and try to beat each other.  Stevens said, “Three words to describe my team are ‘better than yours’.” Being second in the state shows how much hard work and dedication the team has. Stevens said, “The team has improved from the beginning of the season to now because everyone tries to beat their personal times and they work really hard at practice.” Blaine Fox, Junior said, “I thought that being fourth in the state was really exciting.” It was really exciting to see everyone’s improvement from freshman year to junior year. Fox said, “The team has improved from the beginning of the season to now because they got faster.” Everyone’s attitude has gotten better from the beginning of the year to now. She said, “I was very proud when we were announced that we had gotten fourth. I was really sad that we did not win.” Anna Fitz-Patrick, Senior, said, “The course was very hilly, going over the pavement road was difficult because your impact changes from hitting the grass to the concrete. Overall the course was very challenging.” Head coach Scott Pierce said, “All of the team’s hard work has paid off because they went to state for two years in a row.” The team prepares for state by running and trying to beat their personal best. Pierce said, “Our saying for this year is ‘Details matter’ that means that all things are required. Such as good form, good mind set, and a good attitude.” Pierce describes his team as disciplined, focused, and dedicated.