Competition Cheerleaders

Morgan Rogers, Sophomore

The 2017 Armuchee competition cheerleaders have been working very hard over the summer and during the school year, so they can possibly win another state title. The Georgia High school Association state cheerleading competition will be held in November at the Columbus Civic Center. “The girls have been conditioning throughout the summer and then mandatory practice started August 1st, said coach Stamey who has been coaching competition cheerleading for 20 years.        The team goes to five competitions before region and state. “I am very excited for this season because I’ve always wanted to compete as a high schooler and now I get to. Also, I am beyond excited for state and the environment and excitement that come along with it,” said Freshman, Aubrie Ellis. Senior Kelsey Tucker has cheered all 4 years of high school, and she became a state champion her freshman year. Tucker said, “We have been doing very well, and we are all very close this year.”

The team has several goals for this season. “A goal I have for my team this year is to get top 4 in the region, win state, and come home with a ring,” said Ellis. “We have been working really hard to achieve our goals,” said Sophomore Jaylyn Barnes. Tucker said, “When we are working hard and doing well, we are able to laugh and have fun at the same time.” “We push each other to be better and we work well as a team,” said Sophomore Rylee Cook. Barnes said, “My favorite part about being a competition cheerleader is I will always have friends that I can count on and they will always have my back.” said Barnes.

Cheerleading has changed over the years. Stamey said, “I have always loved cheerleading, and it is amazing what cheerleading has become with the tumbling and level of stunts that are required today to be successful in competition cheer. It takes true athletes.” Cook said, “I look forward to getting better each and every day, so we can win state.” These cheerleaders want to be able to hit a perfect routine when they go full out at practice.  Cook, Tucker, and Barnes said, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.”